Senior Ball!

Grabbing a photo with my friends Damon and Kevin at the DCU Center

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first post of my student blog! My name is Matt Nickerson, and I’m a senior English major with a Creative Writing Concentration. There’s only a few weeks left in the first semester of my final year, so with only one semester to go, I’m excited to have this opportunity to document and reflect on my remaining time on the Hill, and that I’m able to share it as well.

I can’t think of a better post to start my blog than talking about our first major event, the Senior Ball, which was held last Friday, November 17th. I was really looking forward to this event, and I know a lot of other people were as well. Because we all graduated high school in 2020, we didn’t have a senior prom, so this Ball was a shot at experiencing something we were unable to attend due to the pandemic. I was also really pleased to have an event that was limited to just our class, given that we collectively started our time as Crusaders at home, and then masked up, socially distanced, and online.

We planned with some friends to take some pictures beforehand, so we started getting our suits on after 3 to go up to Fenwick and take some photos. It turns out that the vast majority of the seniors had the same idea! It was great to see everyone all dressed up and to really feel the energy and anticipation that was going around.

Looking sharp outside Fenwick with my roommate, David, and our friend Ralph

After taking photos and bouncing around people’s rooms, it was time to depart. We walked up to Hogan right before 6pm and boarded the buses that took us over to the ball venue, the DCU Center. I’d never been previously, so I was excited to see how it looked inside! The layout was great: the ballroom was nice and big, with a large dance floor but also plenty of room for tables and food buffet lines. The College also rented out the whole floor, where we could go for drinks and simply to get a break from the music and lights.

The night was so much fun: plenty of dancing and catching up with friends and classmates. There was a really cool camera inside of a mirror, and after having some delicious ice cream, my friend and I got in line for some photos!

Before I knew it, the night was over and we were already boarding the buses to head back.

This was a great kickoff to the activities celebrating the Class of 2024, and I’m really appreciative of all of the hard work done by the school, the SGA, and the Student Council members to make it such an awesome night.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!